ok but


how are these books going to work as movies?

they are such stellar books and everyone should read them. like, really. as a trilogy, i am fairly certain that i liked them better than the hunger games. but my hackles are raised at this news because having just read through the trilogy a second time last week, i feel like a movie adaptation will be super weird because the books rely so incredibly heavily on the text medium, and use it so well to a) create atmosphere b) develop character and c) build tension. and sure, that’s a thing for every book, but these three lean on the words in a way i can’t quite put my finger on. there are certain narrative devices at play i can’t imagine translating to the big screen. or any screen.

but then, the hunger games taught me that excellent film adaptations of books i really like are possible, so i’ll withhold further judgment until i learn more, i guess.

(i just hope they use the titles of the books because chaos walking is kind of a silly title out of context)